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What to Expect After the Blessing

What to Expect After the Blessing
by Glenda Green

This was adapted from an original article that was written by Glenda Green. Glenda gives a free blessing and inspirational message every Sunday afternoon. Click here to learn more.

Love is the Highest Power
The blessing you have received is one of great love, a powerful influx of Divine Light, and Spiritual Energy from the quantum field. The end result is personal transformation on whatever level, or to whatever degree is available for you at this time. As this happens there will be greater happiness and spontaneous joy, much less fear, and fewer restrictions to conditional reality. Life itself becomes more miraculous!

Some of you will experience this blessing more spiritually, others more emotionally, and many will feel a great transmission of physical energy.

Often the first sign that the Energy Transmission is taking effect is a kind of tingling sensation and an unexplainable joy. Look in the mirror. Your skin may glow; your eyes may be brighter or even sparkle; and sadness and fatigue seem to disappear.

Often there is more mental clarity and physical fitness, with an immediate reduction of cognitive or emotional problems. Some also feel more spiritually connected, positive and hopeful. Others find that their intuition improves.

Its almost as if a fog has been lifted and a new clarity of mind emerges. Individuals often have unexplained feelings of happiness and peace, less fear, and a sense of well being not previously felt. Because of these and other improvements, self-confidence grows, and those with whom you interact respond with more consideration and respect. Ideally, there is a great “ripple effect” that will enhance the quality of life for everything and everyone else in your environment.

The Blessing restores an energetic connection between your body, heart, and soul. Because of this some report an important healing or a significant reduction of physical distress.

Such power of reconnection allows your energy to apply itself to all the work that needs to be done. The energy emitted through this transmission is like a kind of renovation and is not always comfortable. Therefore, you may at first feel like you need more sleep or rest as you do in any healing situation. The Blessing energy is actually doing a tremendous amount of physical, mental, spiritual and emotional cleansing and aligning within a very short time. As it passes through the body it could stir up some sludge (emotional, physical, and spiritual) that will absorb your resources until the old debris is eliminated. The “Transformation Period” could last from a few hours to a few weeks.

To insure the quickest and easiest passage through them, just follow these recommendations: Drink plenty of water, rest as needed, breathe deeply and often, and most importantly: bless the blessing, knowing that you are releasing for the last time many levels of discomfort that have been blocking you from a greater light, love, and happiness. Last but not least, return for more blessings. Sometimes a little booster makes all the difference. Your body, heart, and soul know just how much energy to receive at any one time. And then you are ready for more.

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