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My time with Cecilia was profound in ways that are nearly impossible to put into words. I felt connections that I have never before experienced. I felt unconditional love and immense grace and I came away with hope, that is assisting me to heal and grow on so many levels. I feel a confidence rising up in me and so much gratitude… for the perfection of God and the gift of life.

Thank you Cecilia, your work is an amazing gift. I am grateful. – With love,


Cecilia is an outstanding healer and I am always amazed at how much comes from working with her. She is a loving pure channel. I cleared some issues I have been facing in two hours that I have been struggling with for years! She is worth every second you spend with her. – David, Pennsylvania


Received a session with Cecilia recently and I have to say what an amazing experience it was. I have done a lot of spiritual work and energy sessions and this was very different than any other session. It was heavenly, it was healing,and it was validating. It was also healing and gave an opportunity to let things go that no longer served me. I would definitely do this again! It was like a mentally spiritually heavenly spa! Thank you Cecilia! She is truly a gift and I highly recommend getting an appointment with her! – Dawn


The session last week was really wonderfully supportive and helpful to me, sweet and powerful for me. I am very impressed by your skill and talent, from that one session alone, as a vehicle, a divine human being through which divine healing and knowledge flows and expresses. I felt the message from Divine Mother was very powerfully pertinent. Thank you so very much. – Lynne, Ohio


Thank you for such a wonderful healing last Wednesday. After we hung up, I immediately wrote in my journal so I wouldn’t forget all the valuable information. I wrote about 4 pages worth! Tons of great info. Since then I’ve been closing my aura every night before bed and when I wake up in the mornings. I could tell a difference right away. I’ve also been including the Divine Mother in my meditations. I could feel her presence instantly. Through our session you taught me new ways to meditate and breath. I am so thankful for you and our session! – Beth, California


Hello Cecilia, I am actually from Mauritius and I came across your podcasts a couple of days back! I felt really amazing and blissful upon just hearing your voice, I want to really congratulate you being such a blessing in many people’s lives!I have realized many things after listening to you! I thank you wholeheartedly for making a difference! Be blessed, Neeta, Mauritius


Cecilia recently facilitated a wonderful healing session for me. The intention was to lift any limiting energies around a move I am making. I felt so much lighter and the doubts and fears were lifted. I received a very uplifting message through her from Divine Mother that gave me guidance about my decision around moving. Cecilia was very present and deeply connected throughout the session. The more I experience this type of healing, the easier and more joyful my life has become. Thanks, Cecilia! Ginger, Sedona


Thank you so much for the Divine Mother deep healing session. Even after a long day I was able to relax and enter a meditative state. The thoughts spoken through you were amazing, answering and speaking to questions I had not voiced. Like going to an oracle that tells me just what I need to hear.

The next day I felt lighter, as though I was radiating the Joy I received from Divine Mother.

I am grateful. – Chris, Texas


Dear Cecilia,
Thank you so much for your Morning Meditation. I finally took the time to listen to one of your recordings and this is marvelous. I shared it with my Edgar Cayce study group last night and they all loved it too. I can’t wait to try the other meditations but this one is so good I want to keep listening to it over and over. People agreed that they felt healed and that a great power was coming through your voice and work.Blessings, Kathy


My experience with Cecilia was truly wonderful. I felt deeply relaxed and 100% safe and at ease during the session, but actually came out of it feeling awake and refreshed! I’m now using some of her techniques before I go to sleep and first thing when I wake up to stay grounded and more balanced. Cecilia is incredibly gifted and I would recommend her to anyone wanting to connect with their life force. – Lorin, California


I recently had a Divine Mother healing session with Cecilia Kinzie. I experienced a deep healing, powerful yet pleasant and not overwhelming. Cecilia was able to comfortably address many of the blockages that I have been experiencing. After the session I was much more centered, silent and relaxed. She is very professional, and I felt comfortable with her from the first moment we talked. I highly recommend Cecilia for Divine Mother healings. Respectfully, Barry


Cecilia is truly a gifted healer. It was my first time doing energy work by phone, but her obvious warmth and compassion completely made me feel at ease. Cecilia felt so tangible and present during our long-distance Skype session, and I really felt like she was “tuned” into me! After the sessions with her, I was so much more in touch with myself — like I tapped into a deeper sense of my core being and truth. I felt very fatigued that day and the next, but have this wonderful sense of clarity this morning – like a sense that I really know who I am and what I stand for. – Lucy, Thailand


I stumbled on to your YouTube meditation at 1am when I was in a bad place and I needed to find some peace. I did the 15 minute session right there in my bed. I went right back to sleep after and woke up with a wonderful joy in my heart that had remained. I have signed up and have repeated it again this morning. Thank you for being there for me when I needed this the most. – Jane, Australia


Dear Cecilia,
I want to express my deepest sincere appreciation for blessing me with your wonderful website. As a person who has chronic pain & multiple chronic illness for many years, your website & meditations that you have so lovingly shared, have helped me to turn a corner in my life. Your gentle voice, empathy, compassion & caring understanding ways have opened my heart to acceptance & peace. Your encouragement & inspiration have already made such a positive difference to me. I feel like you are right here with me, encouraging me to a better place in my life. I have been meditating for years, saying positive affirmations, listening to beautiful music & audio self help books for a long time now, but finding your website has been the miracle in my life. Thank you so very much for helping & bringing hope to others, people like me that suffer from chronic pain & illness. You have given me the hope to have faith that even the smallest of things can bring sunshine to my day. In appreciation & love, Iris


My session with Cecilia brought me a deep sense of reassurance. Cecilia is truly compassionate and understanding and the fact that she’s lived through the health challenge that I was facing brought me a tremendous sense of comfort and hope. She is clearly intuitive and was able to offer insight into my situation that no one else had been able to bring to the table. Cecilia offered a really powerful affirmation and healing meditation and our session, without a doubt contributed to my healing. Thanks Cecilia for your insight. – Marie-Eve, Canada


Cecilia offered me a healing session and I have to say I was thrilled to gain a new magical window into myself and my many ‘selves.’ She brought presence and grace to the entire experience. I felt at ease from the first moment she called because of her calming energy, voice and natural ability to meet me where I was. Cecilia demonstrates deep knowing and could even see my different auras (I didn’t know I had that many- thanks for opening my heart to that!). With her valuable tools she imparted to me, I am now able to feel more grounded in my day to day life, deal with stress better, deal with people better, and I am certain now experience a sense of overall well-being washing over me like a waterfall of healing. Cecilia helped make clear for me a helpful path, that had previously been foggy, and difficult to navigate. Thank you Cecilia for your loving and selfless service- humanity is all the better for having you in this world. – Jason, California


Thank you again so much for the wonderful reading you gave me two weeks ago. I felt so much awaken within me after. I feel I have once again remembered why I am here and what I have been sent to do. – Laura, California


I am extremely thankful for your work within my energy field. I didn’t watch the time, what I felt was a light touch around the crown that was like a warm glowing presence. The energy slowly flowed from this beginnings into my shoulders and chest area. I felt a release down my back starting at each shoulder and traveling to the base of the spine. A few minutes later a wave of very rapid energy move from head to toe and stayed constant. A gentle buzz of high frequency energy. Lastly, the energy stayed with me till about ten am and has tapered somewhat to my normal level. Thank you so much. – Chris


Cecilia is an amazing healer and teacher. I felt relaxed and rejuvenated after her class. – JK, California


From the first moment Cecilia said hello on the phone, I felt a strong connection. Cecilia confirmed a few feelings I’ve had about myself regarding my own intuitive abilities…that I am a healer and sensitive. She gave me some pointers to help maintain my balance and energy levels when I’m in a healing modality… which was very helpful. She reaffirmed my suspicion that I am in a very strong transition period and have not completed the transition yet.

I felt very validated and energized after our reading. Validated because she helped me understand the emotions I feel sometimes around being intuitive. Energized because I am very excited to explore and expand my potential. Grounded because Cecilia told me who my guardians are, which is very comforting. I look forward to working with Cecilia again as I feel her reading was incredibly accurate. Oh and I love her soothing voice and pure, positive energy! – Kim, California


Thank you so much for the session the other day! It was amazing to hear what you read, as it was all soooo on the mark with what I’ve been experiencing recently! It was beautiful confirmation that I’m on the right path and going the right direction. . .I’m glad to help you out in any way that I can and spread the word about your beautiful gift! – Jess, Canada


I work in the corporate world and find dealing with stress to be very difficult. One the very few ways I’ve found to deal with it is through Cecilia’s grounding meditation. Cecilia has taught me how to ground to to the earth and shed stress from my mind and body so I’m not so influenced by people’s energy around me. I highly recommend it as a natural way to release stress. – DK, California


Dear Cecilia,
Thank you for the lovely Blessing and Visualization for healing Mother Earth and our planet. I really enjoyed that it was very sweet and beautiful. You did wonderful job. I’m very relaxed and at peace now and that is a great feeling to have, and I hope to keep for awhile. It was much needed. Thank you again. Luv, Holly


Cecilia – I’ve yet to meet you face to face but your angelic energy exudes through your emails. I’m so grateful for all you give to we who journey on the path of spiritual healing. Blessings, Pam


When I signed up for this class, I had meditated seldom in my life and knew only that I had an inner yearning to feel a more conscious connection to our planet. After being guided through a process termed “grounding” I felt so much stronger in my beliefs and self assured in my quest to be me and to make a difference in the world as my authentic self. The heightened awareness gave me the ability to feel so much gratitude for everything and everyone around me. I found myself leaving that night feeling very loved indeed. I am so happy to have been apart of this sacred group and to have gained the spiritual guidance to keep me at it, long after the final blessing was given. Thank you Cecilia. Novalee, California

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About Cecilia
CeciliaCecilia is a gifted and compassionate intuitive healer and meditation teacher who is passionately dedicated to helping sensitive and intuitive people tap into their soul power to live strong, balanced, and purposeful lives. Learn more about Cecilia and schedule an intuitive healing session.

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  1. Feel free to add a testimonial in the comment’s section below; it is much appreciated! Thank you.

    May 5, 2014
    • Nicholas Galanos #

      My session with Cecilia gave me time for balance, introspection, peace and the opportunity to “unplug” from the racing conveyor belt that life can sometimes create. It was a joy to devote two hours to my own comfort and well being, while she gently guided me through our special time together. I initially found myself tiptoeing into places that I hadn’t ventured into in many years and then began to dance in those places with her gentle encouragement.
      She has the perfect combination of compassionate understanding and intuitive connections that work in harmony to give voice to those over-arching inner thoughts that have been ricocheting around my soul/brain seeking a place to escape.
      After our time together I felt comforted/drained/renewed/engaged/re-connected and aware of my need to dedicate more time to my own well being.
      I highly recommend Cecilia and will be visiting with her regularly!
      Blessings to her and her meaningful work.
      Nicholas – Dallas TX

      March 17, 2018

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