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The Power of Acceptance - Podcast Episode

In today’s podcast I talk about the power of acceptance on a deep soul level. I share with you a special 6 step unconditional acceptance exercise that allows you to connect to the divine to unconditionally accept certain situations, people, and parts of yourself so that you can be at peace and move forward in your life. Read more

Spiritual Relationships - Podcast Episode

In today’s Circle for Self Healing podcast episode Cecilia and her husband talk about spiritual relationships. They discuss how to make spirit a priority in relationships, how to really listen to your partner, and how to effectively communicate so that you get your needs met. Read more

What is Compassion? - Podcast Episode

Today’s topic is: what is compassion? In this Circle for Self Healing Podcast episode Chris Dunn and I have an in-depth discussion about the true meaning of compassion and we offer a few tips on how you can foster more compassion in your life. Read more

Getting Unstuck - Circle for Self Healing Podcast

We all feel stuck from time to time. What exactly does it mean to be stuck? And what is the process for getting unstuck? These are the questions we will address in today’s Circle for Self Healing Podcast. Read more