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Here are a Few of My Favorite Spiritual Resources

spiritual resources

Connie Huebner/Divine Mother Online

I have had the privilege to study with Connie Huebner and become a certified Divine Mother Guidance and Healing Practitioner and I still continue to study with her. The methods she teaches have changed my life and influenced my work like no other! Many of my meditations and healing techniques are adapted from and are copyrighted ©2000 Divine Mother Guidance and Healing / Connie Huebner / Huebner Consulting, Inc. All rights reserved. She often offers free group energy healing sessions online and has vibrational healing tools available for sale. Check out her website for more information:

For the Divine Mother Online Vibrational Tools Click Here

Raw Glow

I have a raw foods blog with a fantastic amount of healthy recipes for detox, healing, and enlightened eating! I also offer raw foods coaching which would be a perfect compliment to the meditation and intuitive healing sessions.

Christ Blessing

On this site you can sign up to participate in the Sunday Christ blessing calls with Glenda Green the author of Love Without End. I have had the privilege to study with the Glenda Green and become a master blessing giver and I am the first round of blessing givers to become a certified teacher of the master blessing as well. Enjoy the inspirational message and the energetic blessing on Sunday afternoons, I highly recommend it. You can sign up here:

Inspired Origination

Here you can find my favorite book of all time, Love Without End by Glenda Green. If there is only one book you read about the topic of spirituality, this would be the book I would recommend wholeheartedly. It’s a gift that never stops giving. You will also find spiritual artwork, essential oils, and recorded webinars.

At the above link you can purchase the hard copy, and at the link below you can get the electronic e-book kindle edition of Love Without End: (The below links are affiliate links which means I get a small commission from Amazon.)

Love Without End

Virtues Project

The Virtues Project is a global grassroots initiative to inspire the practice of virtues in everyday life. I often use the Virtues Reflection Cards in my classes. They are a beautiful set of 100 cards with affirmations, quotes, and eloquently written descriptions to uplift, inspire, and unite. I always get great feedback from the cards and you can get them here:


Braco is someone who gazes into your eyes and through doing so, people have felt a sense of peace, love, and comfort from the experience. I guess you will just have to experience it for yourself! He often offers gazes online through live-streaming. You can find out more information about the gazes here:


Abdy is a divine conduit that travels around the world doing group sessions. He goes to where-ever he is guided and sometimes he offers free sessions in a public park. Each time I see him I have a profound experience that is truly beyond words. See if he is coming to a city near you:

I hoped you enjoyed a few of my favorite spiritual resources!


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