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Posts from the ‘self healing’ Category

Words of Hope and Healing

In my experience, the process of inner healing starts with hope. Wherever you are in your journey I hope that you find comfort in these words of hope and healing.
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Pain Poem - Dealing with Pain Gracefully

I wrote this pain poem, while in some physical discomfort, and reading the words helped to calm me down and be at peace. I hope this pain poem has the same effect on you. Read more

Poem for Healing

Occasionally I will post an original poem on the circle for self healing blog. This poem for healing was received while I was quietly meditating, a divine energetic communication directly from the heart that flows like a stream. I hope you enjoy! Read more

The Power of Unconditional Self Love

I hope you enjoy this stream of consciousness writing on the true power of unconditional self love.

If I had one message for the world it would be: love yourself, trust yourself, honor your body, soul, and most importantly your heart. You are precious and very important in God’s eyes.

No job is too small not to matter, no soul’s destiny is less than or more than another’s. We all comprise part of one great whole and no one is forgotten or left behind in God’s eyes. Everyone brings their unique gifts.

Know how loved and valued you are by the One Spirit. Your light is needed. Read more

Accepting Reality - The First Step to Transformation

Some times when I meditate, I will receive subtle messages that I will continue to ponder and meditate throughout the coming days. The message I received last week was about the importance of accepting reality and embracing it fully with unconditional love.

I have been thinking about this simple yet profound concept of accepting reality and I believe I’ve come up with some insight that has been useful in my life and I hope will be to yours as well. Read more

Turning Weaknesses into Strengths

We were all born with a gift, a gift so big and powerful that it was the very reason we decided to incarnate this lifetime, our destiny so to speak. The irony is that the package our gift comes in is usually quite unexpected. Our gift usually masquerades as a huge challenge in our life whether it be financial, physical, emotional, or otherwise. Read more