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Posts from the ‘prayer’ Category

Sincere Prayer – For Trying Times

I hope you enjoy this sincere prayer when you’re going through a tough time. Sincerely praying keeps our hearts and arms open to receive what we need.
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My Daily Prayer

My daily prayer embodies the essence of how I pray daily. Using my intention, first, I invoke the presence of the Divine and feel my connection to the infinite source which fortifies me and gives me a deep sense of peace and calm. This feeling of peace allows me to release all that is heavy and not me. Then, I thank the universe and feel immense gratitude and love for all my blessings. Read more

Daily Forgiveness Prayer

Please enjoy this self forgiveness prayer. Say it daily for best healing results.

Today I forgive myself and all others, known and unknown, for any perceived transgressions, judgments, hurts, abandonments, and mistakes. Read more

Spiritual Practice - Your Anchor in Tough Times

I haven’t been feeling like myself lately. Perhaps it’s the cold rainy weather, the stress of the anticipation of the holidays, been working too much and spending too much time on the computer . . . among other things. I just have felt really disconnected lately.

I am sharing this because I know we all feel disconnected sometimes. What I realized is that if I have a spiritual practice that I practice everyday no matter what, it can help to anchor me during the times I feel disconnected to my soul, my source, and my joy. When I feel connected, my spiritual practices help to expand and multiply my light and joy. When I feel disconnected, my spiritual practices help me to see the light, even though at times it feels far away, it is comforting to know the light is there. Read more

The Issiah Effect

Today I realized that a big prayer had been answered for me. You see, on a plane trip I was reading Gregg’s Braden’s book The Issiah Effect: Decoding the Lost Science of Prayer and Prophecy. In the Issiah Effect he retails the story of his journey to the Tibetan Highlands to meet with a Tibetan abbot. Read more