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Pure Awareness Poem - Be Empty Yet Full of Love

Meditation can be described as a state of relaxed awareness. As you start with being aware of what is going on inside of yourself, pure awareness takes you away from the mind and the identifications with the mind. The body will start to naturally relax as you let go of attachments. Read more

Opening The Heart - A Simple Exercise

Below is an opening the heart exercise that I do on a regular basis. I find that it calms me down and gives me a fresh perspective no matter what I might be going through. Read more

Spiritual Practice - Your Anchor in Tough Times

I haven’t been feeling like myself lately. Perhaps it’s the cold rainy weather, the stress of the anticipation of the holidays, been working too much and spending too much time on the computer . . . among other things. I just have felt really disconnected lately.

I am sharing this because I know we all feel disconnected sometimes. What I realized is that if I have a spiritual practice that I practice everyday no matter what, it can help to anchor me during the times I feel disconnected to my soul, my source, and my joy. When I feel connected, my spiritual practices help to expand and multiply my light and joy. When I feel disconnected, my spiritual practices help me to see the light, even though at times it feels far away, it is comforting to know the light is there. Read more

Spiritual Grounding - A Simple Meditation Technique for Sensitive People

The reason I teach meditation is because as a sensitive intuitive person I can’t imagine living without it. As an intuitive person, (and I assume that if you are reading this you are sensitive and intuitive as well) I have always experienced the energy around me. Read more

The Spiritual Path - Keeping it Simple

The Answers Lie Within

All through elementary and high school I kept journals where I would write my thoughts and original poems. I remember going through some old stuff and coming across a poem I had written about someone who was searching for God everywhere and finally realized that he needed to stop searching because what he was looking for was in his heart all along.

I am amazed I was even thinking about this in high school (I was admittedly a strange kid!) and I am also reminded how easy it is for us to forget that what we are seeking for is not outside of us.

For those of us that are on a spiritual path (including myself) it is to easy to jump from one teacher/healer to the next, from one book to the next, from one web page to the next, and in today’s day and age, one Facebook post or Youtube video to the next searching for all the answers. Read more