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The Power of Love – Messages from the Angels

the power of love - messages from the angels

As some of you already know, I am able to receive messages from spirit. A few weeks ago I received this message from what I perceived to be a group of Archangels. The message they conveyed was about the Power of Love.

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The Power of Love – Messages from the Angels

The same power of Love that is available in the angelic range is available to you in the earthly realms as well. Love has no limitations for it transcends all limitations and is the very fabric of life itself. To embrace the power of Love in your life is to work with the building blocks of creation itself.

It is only by doubting the power of Love that humans get stumped. Love itself is simple. Love is native to everything. Angels simply trust in the power and wisdom of Love like human’s trust in the air they breath. We don’t live in a realm or have a mind or that would convince us otherwise. Because in the human realm it would appear at times that Love is not the guiding force of everything, this gives humans the rare and unique opportunity to grow deeper in their commitment to faith and Love than in the angelic realm.

Essentially human’s are embracing a force that they can’t see but that they feel in their being to be natural. Because loving feels good, and essentially anything antagonistic to Love feels fragmented. Not that there can truly be anything antagonistic to Love or fragmented about Love, but again it’s the human’s filters that allows them to feel separate from Love when truly this is only a thought pattern. A pattern that can have real consequences, but also one that can be melted away in the loving embrace of truth.

Something you can do is to take a few minutes everyday to close your eyes and focus on someone or something that you Love. Take your time to really feel the Love, especially in your heart area. This will strengthen your heart and put your mind and body at ease. Do it as often as you like. Imagine if you were able to hold loving thoughts in your heart more and more of the time? Trust us when we say that it will have a profound impact on your life. Love can do no harm.

I asked, what if we don’t feel particularly “loving” sometimes?

We recommend to approach feelings with gentleness, love, and compassion. Feelings always have a message and that is why they should be honored and not repressed. Embracing the power of Love in your lives includes embracing all of your feelings and experiences with Love. Even anger can be embraced with Love and gentleness. Once you know that your true nature is Love – you can bring Love to any situation. Love is the constant. Love is native, original, inherent . . .Love never not is. Everything at it’s most basic level is Love, including you!

Next time you are feeling a strong emotion, welcome it with open arms. Welcome it with Love, patience, and kindness. Let it move through you and ask it what message it has for you. Ask it for its gift, because all emotions have gifts. Listen to it until you feel like it has been fully heard. Thank it for its message and continue to send loving thoughts its way.

Anything that brings you closer to Love is the right path. Anything that brings you closer to Loving is the right action. For Love leads to wholeness. Wholeness is a complete and utter mastery of Love.

The paths and actions we speak of are not necessarily external. You can ask, “Does this thought lead me to Love? Does this behavior lead me to Love?” Loving thoughts lead to loving actions. When Love is the highest priority in your life, it leads the way.

You are capable of infinite Love and compassion and we are here to show you the way. For infinite Love and compassion can be brought to every single human experience. Have compassion for your human emotions, have compassion for the limitations of your human body, have patience with yourself. For you see we have infinite Love, compassion, and patience for every single one of you and now we are assisting you in having that same unconditional Love and compassion for yourself.

Honoring and embracing the human experience with Love – elevates the human experience to one of grace and flow. This is the power of Love, and this is what us in the angelic realms are here to remind humans.

The power of Love is a force beyond the power of 1000 hurricanes. Everything and everyone is a child of Love, and so it is in our nature to respond to Love. Whether we are talking about the power of Love to influence the weather or a wounded heart, Love is the great healer, unifier, and equalizer. Trust in Love!


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