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Pure Awareness Poem - Be Empty Yet Full of Love

pure awareness

Meditation can be described as a state of relaxed awareness. As you start with being aware of what is going on inside of yourself, pure awareness takes you away from the mind and the identifications with the mind. The body will start to naturally relax as you let go of attachments. Osho, an Indian mystic, said: Tensions cannot exist in the light of awareness. Meditation works because it takes us beyond the mind, to a place of stillness, silence and peace.

Pure awareness expands to include everything: your thoughts, your feelings, and your body sensations. You begin to notice that you are bigger than any experience you are having right now. You are not solely your thoughts, your feelings, and or your body sensations. You become aware of the pure space in which all experience is unfolding.

I wrote a short poem below about pure awareness that I hope takes you to that deep place within your being.

Pure Awareness Poem

Be the Love
you can’t see, touch, taste, feel, or smell
but it is everywhere

Be effortless and free
like a gentle breeze
discriminating against no one or no thing

Be the air in which
all life is sustained
available to everyone
all the time

Be the space
to let others fall
into your wide and open
endless heart

Be the pure light of awareness
that embraces everything
like warm sunlight
emanating from the embers of your glowing heart

Be the formless unknown
which surprises and delights

Be the stillness
in the eye of the storm

Be the silence
which expresses everything

Be empty
yet full of Love


Thank you so much for stopping by. Comments are always welcome. Also, if you are interested in learning some meditation techniques and reaching a state of relaxed awareness, I suggest you check out my guided meditation mp3’s or my local meditation classes.

Have a beautiful day!


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CeciliaCecilia is a gifted and compassionate intuitive healer and meditation teacher who is passionately dedicated to helping sensitive and intuitive people tap into their soul power to live strong, balanced, and purposeful lives. Learn more about Cecilia and schedule an intuitive healing session.


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  1. Neeta #

    It’s wonderful this poem which describes unity in diversity! In fact I am very persuaded to actually put this into practice. I want to reach the core of myself and help others know themselves well too. Yes, that is why Cecilia, I again affirm that you are indeed doing a great job!!! May you continue and set the example ahead…

    December 5, 2014
    • Thank you Neeta! It’s an ever evolving, yet deeply fulfilling exploration. Best of luck to you. ~ Cecilia

      December 5, 2014

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