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My Daily Prayer

my daily prayer

My daily prayer embodies the essence of how I pray daily. Using my intention, first, I invoke the presence of the Divine and feel my connection to the infinite source which fortifies me and gives me a deep sense of peace and calm. This feeling of peace allows me to release all that is heavy and not me. Then, I thank the universe and feel immense gratitude and love for all my blessings.

My Daily Prayer
by Cecilia Kinzie

I honor the presence of God within
by invoking the I AM presence

In your presence, I fortify my faith
and know that even with the faith of a mustard seed
I can move mountains

In your presence, I have the humility to surrender my ego so that
the truth of my sacred nature may be revealed to me

In your presence, I have the wisdom to forgive and let go of all
that was birthed in misunderstanding
as I learn about the true nature of love

In your presence, I honor my sacred covenant
so that I am able to shine my light with certainty
to fulfill my soul’s true purpose

In your presence, I have the concentration to not be distracted
by the shadows of life

In your presence, I choose to focus on my many blessings
with a joyful and grateful heart

As I enter my sacred center, I am reunited with you
and sing in harmony with all of the universe

In my sacred center, I know I am whole and at one with you
Thank you for filling me with your love

Thank you, thank you, thank you God
As your child I know
you are always with me
and that all has already been given

In your presence, I have everything I need
because when I unite with you all things are possible
including eternal life


There are so many ways to pray and feel connected. Please feel free to share your thoughts on prayer or your favorite daily prayer in the comment’s section below. Thanks for stopping by!


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About Cecilia
CeciliaCecilia is a gifted and compassionate intuitive healer and meditation teacher who is passionately dedicated to helping sensitive and intuitive people tap into their soul power to live strong, balanced, and purposeful lives. Learn more about Cecilia and schedule an intuitive healing session.


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  1. Neeta #

    It’s amazing how one can be so peaceful upon just feeling connected. We are all undoubtedly connected but it is just relationships and attachment that make us distracted for we do not really know the Truth. I want to really realise my True Self and help others too.

    November 24, 2014
    • Hi Neeta,

      Thank you for your comment. That peace you are describing is available to us at all times. One of the ways to feel connected is to think of a few things your are grateful for in this moment. It takes us from our head into our hearts where the True Self shines. It can be as simple as that. I am sure you will help many people. Namaste ~ Cecilia

      November 25, 2014
  2. Thank you God for all the blessings i received everyday. This prayer touches my heart, there are so many things we should be thankful about.

    January 7, 2020

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