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Stress Free Holidays - Journal Exercise

As we near the winter solstice there is a strong yearning to go inward. The colder weather draws our bodies indoors and also draws our attention inside as well. According to Kiran, author and spiritual teacher:

The secret to the rain, that people from rain forests all know, and is why they just love the rain, is that you need to be introspective without being melancholy.

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Pure Awareness Poem - Be Empty Yet Full of Love

Meditation can be described as a state of relaxed awareness. As you start with being aware of what is going on inside of yourself, pure awareness takes you away from the mind and the identifications with the mind. The body will start to naturally relax as you let go of attachments. Read more

My Daily Prayer

My daily prayer embodies the essence of how I pray daily. Using my intention, first, I invoke the presence of the Divine and feel my connection to the infinite source which fortifies me and gives me a deep sense of peace and calm. This feeling of peace allows me to release all that is heavy and not me. Then, I thank the universe and feel immense gratitude and love for all my blessings. Read more