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The Power of Acceptance - Podcast Episode

In today’s podcast I talk about the power of acceptance on a deep soul level. I share with you a special 6 step unconditional acceptance exercise that allows you to connect to the divine to unconditionally accept certain situations, people, and parts of yourself so that you can be at peace and move forward in your life. Read more

How To Deal With Pain - Podcast Episode

In today’s podcast episode I talk about the steps you can take to deal with pain. I explain the purpose of pain and how you can listen to your pain and use it as a tool to transform your life.
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Finding Balance - Podcast Episode

In today’s Circle for Self Healing Podcast, I talk about the importance of finding balance and harmony in your life so you don’t run the risk of burning out. I talk about paying attention to the activities and the thoughts that can drain you and what you can do about them. I also talk about the importance of making sure to make time for the activities that uplift and bring meaning to your life. Read more