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In Memory of my Mother - Breaking Free from the Stigma of Suicide

Today marks the 20th Anniversary of my mother’s death. My mother committed suicide 20 years ago when I was seventeen years old. I have never publicly written much about my mother’s passing, but with so much attention focused on the recent suicide of Robin Williams I felt that maybe it was appropriate to take this rare opportunity to share my voice.
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Trusting Yourself - Podcast Episode

In today’s Circle for Self Healing podcast episode, Cecilia talks about the importance of trusting yourself. Cecilia believes that trusting yourself is a way for you to acknowledge and listen to your intuition. Cecilia describes how to recognize and utilize your inner guidance to guide you towards your life purpose, and she also explains why trusting yourself and your intuition is the path towards a more fulfilling life. Read more

The Gift of the Authentic Self

In fact in the years to come, authenticity will become the replacement for enlightenment as the true goal of spiritual practice. ~ Teal Swan

What I have noticed over the years, as a coach and teacher, is that the times when I was being the most transparent and authentic were the times that I was able to touch and help people the most and vice versa. The times that people were the most authentic and open with me, were the times that they allowed me to assist them the most.
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