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Finding Strength in Tough Times

Are you a going through a tough time? In this Circle for Self Healing Podcast, I share with you how to find your strength in tough times by tapping into your inner source of power and strength. I will share with you ways to stay optimistic and grateful in any situation, and not let fear take over your life. You are stronger than you think!
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Life is Precious

From a young age I learned about the fragile nature of the human experience. When I lost my mother at 17 it was a huge lesson for me that our lives are on borrowed time and there are no guarantees. A few years later, in my early twenties, I became ill with a chronic illness that impacted my life, goals, and dreams. Most kids in their late teens and early twenties still feel invincible, however, I felt acutely vulnerable and afraid. Doom seemed to be lurking just right around the corner.
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