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Divine Purpose - Message from Divine Mother

divine purpose

I asked Divine Mother to relay a message to the people that follow Circle for Self Healing. Her message for today is about divine purpose.

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I recommend that this message about divine purpose be listened to in an open and almost meditative state to receive its full impact. However, if you don’t have time to listen to the full message, I have transcribed it below. If you enjoy this message please subscribe to my youtube channel.

Divine Mother Healing Message
Sept 22nd, 2013
Divine Purpose

I’m going to go ahead and rely a message from Divine Mother, so I ask that when you listen to this message you just relax. Breathe in and out through your heart, and really let it sink in through your body, through your entire being, so that you can fully receive the full message, not just the words, but the energy vibration behind the words.

Close your eyes and begin to breathe into your heart. Breathing in and out through your heart. In and out. In and out. Feeling the soft breath, the soft warm breath, enter your heart as you soften your heart to receive more and more soft warm breath, flowing in and out through your heart. Allowing your body to relax, allowing yourself to go inward, to fall just a little bit deeper into your heart.

So I am now going to invite the presence of Divine Mother, and I invite you to do the same. It is a simple process. You just inwardly say the words Divine Mother come forth. And just notice what you feel, a sensation, it could be a tingling, a feeling of expansion, an opening, whatever it is, just notice if you sense anything.

And I would like you to invite the unconditional loving presence of Divine Mother into your heart. Breathe her into your heart. Allow her to penetrate the walls of your heart with her Love, with her compassion, and with her light.

I like to imagine Divine Mother embracing me, pulling me close to her bosom and allowing her to completely nurture me. Just allow your body to soak up her Love. Allow every cell in your body to soften, to receive, this beautiful Divine Love that is flowing from Divine Mother into your entire body and energetic field, until it feels like you are encased in a bubble of love. Completely nurtured, completely protected, and completely surrounded by Divine Mother’s gentle loving caress.

So I am going to go ahead and ask Divine Mother for a message for this group and anyone who may listen to this recording in the future.

I am Divine Mother and I come in the name of Love. I come in the name of compassion. I come in the name of God, and I come in the name of the Christ.

My message for this group today, which I am so overjoyed and delighted to rely today, is about the power of Love. There is so much Love for every human being on this planet on the other side.

Each soul that comes to this planet is handpicked. Each soul is prepared, is chosen for their unique gifts and abilities. And the most perfect situation and experience is planned out for each individual soul, so they may have the most beneficial experience for their growth, for their evolution, and for their understanding as a soul.

There is no such thing as randomness. Your family, even down to the city that you were born in, was hand chosen for you with Love. A foundation, a framework, was laid down for your life experience out of Love, out of wanting the best possible experience for your soul, for your growth, for your evolution. There is a reason for the family you grew up in, your siblings, even down to your childhood friends. Now you might say, life doesn’t seem so planned; there are moments that seem random, chaotic even. And I say to you, there was always a plan. There is always a plan. But there is also free will. For the creator Loves each and everyone one of you so much, that the creator would never do anything to stifle your freedom, to stifle your choices.

The creator trusts in you to make the decisions that you need to make for the experiences that you choose to have. You were given that choice. But know that a framework has been laid down for you, to fulfill the Divine purpose that you wanted to experience, that was decided upon before you ever came down to this planet. But the creator did not just drop you off on this planet, and say, good luck. Sink or swim. No, you were given everything that you needed. All the experiences, even if at times these experiences you might have considered hardships, they were given to you for specific reasons so that you could learn and grow, in your strength, in your faith, and in your courage.

You were given many gifts. You were given a team of angels, of spirit helpers. You were set up with the right friends, the right family, on a soul level, even if at times the relationships in your life did not make sense. On a deep soul level there was a reason that these people were and are in your life. It may not make much sense now, but it will be revealed. For now, what is asked is much faith and much gratitude for all of the beautiful gifts you were given.

You were also given a compass. You were given a map, so if you ever got lost you could use this compass to find your True North, the true direction of your life’s purpose. And this compass is not something outside of yourself; it is not something that you can buy at a store, no.

This compass I speak of today is inside of you. It is inside your heart. It is inside your body. You were given the gift of your senses, your physical senses, and your intuition.

There are moments in your life where your heart is singing with joy, and your body is vibrating with joy, and everything inside of you is screaming yes. This is what I must do; this is where I must go. And this feeling is passionate. It is strong. It is like a magnet pulling you in the direction of your life’s purpose. Your heart is pulling you in the direction of your purpose, of your soulmate, and of your joy.

Yes. And unfortunately you were not taught to trust your instincts, to trust your intuition, and that is why there is so much confusion in this world. People were tricked, were taught, to do things that didn’t feel good to them, that didn’t feel right to them.

So I am not talking about pure self indulgence for that is not useful or productive. I am speaking about that feeling inside of you that yearns to express itself, that wants to be heard, that wants to contribute, that has something to teach, that has something that it wants to express.

And we all know this feeling, especially artists, artists who are driven to create, to express, to sing, to compose, to play. It is that same feeling. It is that feeling that knowing that this is what you were born to do.

The confusion lies in thinking that it has to be about a job*. A job is simply a title. It is simply a container in which you can express your gifts, and wisdom, and your Love. For your life purpose cannot be boxed into a restrictive job title, no. It is so much more than that.

Your life purpose literally has to do with your beingness, with your gifts. Your Divine purpose is when you are expressing your Divine Self.

This Divine Self wants to come to the surface. It is breaking, it is wanting to break through. This is your life purpose, to be the full expression of your Divine Self in physical form.

Do not get caught up in titles, certificates, positions. You are an infinite spirit, you are an infinite soul. And where-ever you are in life at this very moment, where-ever you are, whatever situation you might find yourself in, you can connect to your Divine Self and begin to express the yearnings of your heart through any situation, through any life situation. There is nothing more powerful than your Divine Self and there is nothing that can truly the dim the light of your being. Only you can dim, only you can limit yourself. But nothing outside of you, no matter what your circumstance, can diminish the beautiful bright soul that you are. You are a light. You are pure Love.

Do not be afraid of that part of you, inside of you. That soft gentle loving part of you, that calls to you. That part of you that wants to Love and be Loved. That wants to experience all that life has to offer. It is time to let your heart free, to let your Divine Self free.

Know that your Divine Self is inside of you. It is inside each and every human being. And it is your connection to the other side. It is your connection to your creator.

Start first by trusting your senses, trusting your instincts, trusting, and developing your intuition. Trusting your heart, following your heart, ask your heart, What Next?

It is about trusting that relationship with your inner guidance system again. An inner guidance system that God gave you so that you would never be lost, so that you would always be able to find your way back home. You are never fully alone. Not only do you have your Divine Self, you have many spirit helpers, and you have much Love and compassion from the other side. There is so much Love for you, so much reverence. So much respect and admiration for what you decided to take on this lifetime, for what you decided to experience. Humans are so hard on themselves, not realizing how strong, courageous, and magnificent they really are.

If you could feel just one drop of Love, one drop of God’s Love for you, it would be enough to heal your entire life. That’s how much Love the creator has for you. More than you can fathom, more than there are stars, and planets, and galaxies, and universes.

God did not abandon you. God gave you everything you needed to fulfill your destiny. And that’s what you wanted. You wanted to come. You wanted to experience. You wanted to grow. You just didn’t count on forgetting, and it is time to remember. It is time to remember who you really are.

Know how loved you are. Know how protected you are, and know how guided you are. Trust yourself. Trust. Trust in your instincts, trust in your heart, and they will lead you to your life’s destiny, the full expression of your Divine Self.

It is never, never too late to come back to the heart, no matter how lost you may feel or how dire your situation may seem. It is never too late to come back to the heart, to pick up your compass and let it guide you to your True North.

I Love you. Many many blessings. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Goodbye for now.

I hope you enjoyed the message today. I never know what spirit is going to say or going to talk about. But I hope that you found it useful and beneficial in your life.

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* Clarification: from my understanding Divine Mother was not saying that jobs are bad (obviously they are necessary in today’s world) what I believe she was saying is not to get caught up in limiting your Divine Purpose to a certain job title. Divine purpose she explained is your beingness, the fulfillment of your Divine Self, which I would interpret as meaning that you can express yourself in all aspects of your life including, but not limited to, your job.


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  1. karina patrycja #

    Thanks , its touch my heart!

    September 25, 2013
    • Thank you Karina, I am so glad. Thank you so much for stopping by and supporting my work.

      September 30, 2013
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    Wonderful, Cecilia. Thank you for posting these meditations.

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