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Pain Poem - Dealing with Pain Gracefully

pain poem

I wrote this pain poem, while in some physical discomfort, and reading the words helped to calm me down and be at peace. I hope this pain poem has the same effect on you.

We all experience pain from time to time and some of us on a more chronic basis. Pain, whether it be emotional or physical, is a very real sensation yet, at the same time, a temporary illusion that we are separate from our creator. How do we honor our oneness with the infinite yet still acknowledge the transformative power of pain to direct our lives back into wholeness? So far, I have not discovered any easy answers. However, I do know that being at peace as much as we can with pain, by not resisting, does help. Also, trusting and having faith that if the correct measures are taken the pain will lessen or, at the very least, transform us in ways we never thought possible. By listening to pain’s message we can learn a lot about ourselves and hopefully grow in our understanding of its role in our continuing evolution.

Pain Poem – Dealing with Pain Gracefully

Be still
Be at peace
Trust that Love is stirring inside of you
The mystery of Love is working within you

Love has not abandoned you
It is holding you
It is comforting you

Pain is a signal to change directions
no more, no less
Know that pain is temporary, yet
the power of the infinite is always inside of you

Listen to pain’s message
with all of your heart
What does it need?
Why is it trying to get your attention?

Take a deep breath of surrender into the discomfort
Love and release it back into wholeness

Let go of the illusion of pain
and know that you are Love
and know that you are Loved

Be Still
Be at Peace
Trust that Love is stirring inside of you
The mystery of Love is working within you


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