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Getting Unstuck - Circle for Self Healing Podcast

We all feel stuck from time to time. What exactly does it mean to be stuck? And what is the process for getting unstuck? These are the questions we will address in today’s Circle for Self Healing Podcast. Read more

Daily Forgiveness Prayer

Please enjoy this self forgiveness prayer. Say it daily for best healing results.

Today I forgive myself and all others, known and unknown, for any perceived transgressions, judgments, hurts, abandonments, and mistakes. Read more

What is Faith? - Circle for Self Healing Podcast

The Circle for Self Healing Podcast is dedicated to anyone who is on a journey of self exploration and healing. In the Circle for Self Healing podcast I’m going to discuss spiritual concepts as an open free flowing sharing of ideas. I will also teach energetic tools, affirmations, and heart centered meditation for self healing. My intention is that these podcasts serve as spiritual nourishment for the sensitive and intuitive soul! Read more