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The Power of Unconditional Self Love

the power of unconditional self love

I hope you enjoy this stream of consciousness writing on the true power of unconditional self love.

If I had one message for the world it would be: love yourself, trust yourself, honor your body, soul, and most importantly your heart. You are precious and very important in God’s eyes.

No job is too small not to matter, no soul’s destiny is less than or more than another’s. We all comprise part of one great whole and no one is forgotten or left behind in God’s eyes. Everyone brings their unique gifts.

Know how loved and valued you are by the One Spirit. Your light is needed.

The part of you that criticizes yourself is wounded; it needs to be loved and brought back into the light, into the wholeness of who you are. Like a wounded child, it simply needs love. Do not let this wounded part of you control your life, simply love it back into wholeness.

Love yourself not superficially, but from that deep space within your heart where love flows freely. Love yourself with the knowledge you are a true child of God, deserving of all the love and all the good things that life has to offer. Love yourself deeply, profusely, unconditionally, and with no abandonment. Honor your desires; honor and nurture your body. Let this love propel you forward to share your gifts and your love with the world.

It starts with you. It starts from that love and light within your heart.

It is not vanity; vanity is love of the ego. Vanity separates you from others. True unconditional self love unites you with others. True love inspires you to help, uplift, and heal others and to see the Love in others as children of God, as extensions of Love, under the umbrella of the One Spirit.

When you love yourself from that deep space of unity, you are loving another because we are all connected. Love another as you would love yourself, but it starts first with self love. Much love and gentleness is required to connect with God, for anything else but the wholeness of Love is untruth.

Do not let your mind be distracted by the untruths, come back to the wholeness of your heart and give yourself permission to love yourself. You can even affirm, I give myself permission to love myself”. Say to yourself, I love you. Say all those things that you have wanted to hear said to you. Say them to yourself, for the moment you seek love outside yourself you give your power over to another, and this is not love, it is manipulation.

Give yourself permission to feel good about yourself, to congratulate your small victories, to be your biggest cheerleader. Would not God want you to love yourself as much as he/she loves you? Just like a parent who would not want to see their child being abused or mistreated, why have we made it okay, socially acceptable, to abuse ourselves? Why have we made it okay to degrade ourselves with our words, thoughts, and actions?

Maybe you did not feel like you got enough love from your parents; it wasn’t about you, it was about them. They didn’t love themselves because they weren’t given a model on how to love themselves. Break the cycle, love yourself.

Selfishness is not the same as unconditional self love, selfishness on a certain level is about lack and there not being enough. True self love radiates from a person’s being and all are affected by their presence. Actually, loving yourself is the most unselfish thing you could ever do.

Love yourself as a child of God, as an extension of God, as an extension of Love, as an integral part of the One Spirit. Love yourself as God loves you and I assure you dear ones, this act alone of loving yourself from a place unity with God will single-handedly heal the world.

So what are you waiting for, claim this birthright, claim this truth for yourself, claim what you have always on some level known. You are Love and you deserve more and more unconditional self love. . .


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  1. Dustin Hubiak #

    There is a part of us, our truest self, that is infinite and perfect. We are all part universe, if not complete. When we choose to let go of our materialistic ideas of self and see ourselves as this infinite spirit, life becomes a never-ending moment of miraculous divine expression. The universe says with all its beauty “look at me, I am alive, and so are you!… so have fun, love yourself and be happy!”

    July 12, 2013
    • Cecilia #

      Hi Dustin,

      Well said! Thank you for stopping by.

      Best Wishes,

      July 12, 2013

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