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Opening The Heart - A Simple Exercise

opening the heart

Below is an opening the heart exercise that I do on a regular basis. I find that it calms me down and gives me a fresh perspective no matter what I might be going through.

Opening The Heart Exercise

Find a comfortable place to sit down and close your eyes. You will need anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour to complete this opening the heart exercise. No driving or operating heavy machinery please!

You are going to begin surrendering in your heart. Start by gently becoming aware of your heart area and breath into it. With your gentle awareness just notice what you are feeling. Breathe into what you are feeling and with each exhalation begin to soften into your heart. With your breath, continue to gently soften and fall into your heart. The more you soften in your heart the deeper you will go. Like a deep sea diver searching for treasure, the gold is at the bottom.

It might take a few minutes or up to an hour, but eventually you will start to feel a soft warm glow emanating from your heart. It will feel like a wash of serenity has come over you, a sense of deep inner peace where you know you are one with your creator. It is a process that cannot be forced or rushed but gently nudged like a tight bud opening to the sun. As you dissolve into your heart, deeper and deeper, you must let go more, and more, and more. As you expand through your heart you must surrender into the infinite wholeness more, and more, and more.

Your heart will start to open like a beautiful infinitely blooming rose that is emanating the most fragrant perfume you could ever imagine and radiating the most beautiful quality of light you could ever hope to see. You are listening to your heart, you are learning about your heart. Like meticulously and patiently unwrapping a present, you are uncovering the gifts of your heart.

You heart might be shielded with armor, with layers of protection of your own creations. Continue to soften and let them go. Let your guards melt into the infinite wholeness, let the shields dissolve through your forgiveness.

You are setting your heart free from the shackles of hurt, resentment, disappointment, and abandonment. You are reuniting with your divine self. You are experiencing the expanded version of you. Let her come through your heart, for she cannot be contained any longer. She is waiting to break out, she is waiting to be expressed, she is ready to share her love. She is you and she is ready to light up the world.


*This exercise is adapted from and are copyrighted ©2000 Divine Mother Guidance and Healing / Connie Huebner / Huebner Consulting, Inc. All rights reserved. No portion of this material may be copied and used in any way without the express written consent of Connie Huebner and Cecilia Kinzie.

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