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Love, Devotion, and Discipline

love and devotion

Today I’d like to share my thoughts on discipline and devotion. Discipline is when you train yourself to do something in a controlled and habitual way. Devotion is a commitment to some purpose. When your devotion is to Love, your discipline becomes infused with Love. When discipline is infused with Love, it no longer becomes an arduous task, but instead  it becomes a sacred act that honors Love.

Since I was a teenager I have always wanted to improve myself whether it was doing better in school, in sports, or just simply feeling happier. For most of my life I have been on a journey of self improvement to be physically fit, emotionally sound, and all around balanced and happy.

Through the years I have noticed that when my devotion was to improve myself because I didn’t like how I felt or how I looked, it was difficult to be disciplined to make the necessary changes in my life such as meditating, exercising, or eating healthier.

When my devotion has been to take care of myself and to be the best person I can be because I love myself, the discipline to take the actions needed, have come so much easier. The devotion to honor, love, and take care of my spiritual being and physical body has infused my discipline with Love. It now feels much lighter and joyful to be disciplined!

There will always be things that we need to do that require discipline whether it be work, finances, diet, exercise, organizing, or overcoming addiction. Try focusing on your devotion to Love whether it be for yourself, friends and family, or God. Let your devotion to Love infuse your discipline with Love.

For example, I don’t like to clean, I never have. When I remember my devotion to the love I have for my husband and to having a peaceful home I am able to clean with a joyful heart. Cleaning is transformed into an act and expression of Love.

Devote yourself to Love and the discipline will come . . .

What are your thoughts?

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