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Accepting Reality - The First Step to Transformation

Some times when I meditate, I will receive subtle messages that I will continue to ponder and meditate throughout the coming days. The message I received last week was about the importance of accepting reality and embracing it fully with unconditional love.

I have been thinking about this simple yet profound concept of accepting reality and I believe I’ve come up with some insight that has been useful in my life and I hope will be to yours as well. Read more

The Spiritual Path - Keeping it Simple

The Answers Lie Within

All through elementary and high school I kept journals where I would write my thoughts and original poems. I remember going through some old stuff and coming across a poem I had written about someone who was searching for God everywhere and finally realized that he needed to stop searching because what he was looking for was in his heart all along.

I am amazed I was even thinking about this in high school (I was admittedly a strange kid!) and I am also reminded how easy it is for us to forget that what we are seeking for is not outside of us.

For those of us that are on a spiritual path (including myself) it is to easy to jump from one teacher/healer to the next, from one book to the next, from one web page to the next, and in today’s day and age, one Facebook post or Youtube video to the next searching for all the answers. Read more