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Feeling Ungrateful? Change Your Perspective!

feeling ungrateful

With Thanksgiving coming up it’s almost cliche to be writing about gratitude, but because it’s such an important subject I’m going to do it anyways. I’ve been thinking a lot about gratitude due to a lecture I attended about the importance of receivership or the ability to receive life’s blessing. It really got me thinking about how many of us are surrounded by so many blessings everyday, but we are too busy to really receive/feel/experience them. I decided to meditate on how to receive life’s blessings and the answer I got was:

GRATITUDE, through Gratitude you are able to receive and experience lifes blessings.

It makes sense right? Someone could be so blessed with health, wealth, family, friends . . . (etc.) but if they don’t take the time to be grateful for their blessings their blessings just become a backdrop to their life that can be easily taken for granted.

The exciting thing about gratitude is that it allows you to see the many blessings in your life already right in front of you. It allows you to experience your abundance, your well being, and to receive what, at some point in your life, you asked for! How many times have we asked for a prayer to be answered but when it arrived we didn’t pay much attention and just moved onto the next thing we needed or wanted?

If you are having a hard time feeling grateful or thinking of things to be grateful for try seeing your life from a different vantage point. Maybe it was 5 or ten years ago when you were still single and marriage and kids were only a dream. Now you have a beautiful family! Or maybe it was when you were a kid, when you dreamed of being a fire fighter or teacher and now you have your dream job. I remember growing up in a cluttered house and dreaming about one day when I would have my own place. Now I am so lucky to live in a nice place that I enjoy decorating very much.

If thinking about an earlier time in your life doesn’t inspire gratitude, try seeing your life from another’s perspective. Maybe you could think about a small town in Africa that doesn’t have clean drinking water; that might make you look at your faucet in a different way! Or maybe you could ask a friend what they admire about your life. They might help you see things that you take for granted as, “just the way things are” but that they would love to have!

Sometimes it takes a trip for us to come back home and realize how blessed we are. If a trip is not possible, what about seeing your city through a tourist’s eyes. What would a tourist think about the local attractions of your city? Sometimes all it takes to feel grateful is looking at something through new eyes.

A quick story: The first time I went to Hawaii I was amazed the minute I got off the plane by the green luscious jungle, the air that smelled like perfume from all the tropical flowers, and the luscious tropical fruits that I’ve yet been able to find elsewhere. A few days later I remember talking to a local and she complained about the hot weather and how there were no good fruits in Hawaii such as apples, peaches, and berries like we have in California. In that exchange, I definitely appreciated California fruit much more and I also realized that even paradise can be taken for granted!

Hopefully this article will inspire you to see your life from a different perspective so that you can be grateful for all the little slices of paradise in your life!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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