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Inner Guidance - How to Live a Magical Life!

inner guidance

They say three times a charm, and I have to agree. I tend to sneeze in threes and when my inner guidance is trying to give me a message it usually comes in threes. Although, maybe it’s because I don’t pay attention the first two times!

For example, I might hear someone talking about something that I’ve been wanting to try. The next day I might get an e-mail about it. Then I might dream about it. The third time is usually when I take action. I have so many examples of this pattern in my life including getting the inner guidance to buy a certain supplement, change my diet, take a class, work with a teacher or healer, and even to meet my future husband. Yes, I blew off my poor husband at least three times before I finally gave him a chance. Luckily, I had a dream that we got married and were very happy. The next morning I contacted him out of the blue (to his surprise) and we have been very happy ever since. True story! Good thing I listen to my dreams! (I heard Abraham-Hicks say in one of their seminars that messages will come in dreams because in the dream state we are least resistant.)

Okay, so maybe I’m a little stubborn. I’m getting better. Meditation helps and I also started a daily/weekly practice of working with positive daily guidance cards, also known as oracle cards. I usually pick at least three cards for some daily or weekly guidance and there have been times when I pick a card from three different decks and they all say the same thing! I can’t help but laugh and think, Okay universe, I get the message.

I know I’m not alone in my stubbornness. How many times have you had an intuitive hit from your inner guidance that you should do something and not listen right away? Or maybe you are so busy asking and praying for what you want that you forget to be open to receiving it! Read on for three steps on how to listen to your inner guidance and live a magical life.

Three Steps on How to Listen to Your Inner Guidance and Live a Magical Life

The first step is to ask. We are all pretty good at this step. What I’m learning is that the best way to ask is from the vibration of what you want. Huh? Another way to put it: pray not FOR what you want but pray FROM what you want. So if you are praying for happiness, feel and imagine yourself smiling. If you are asking for abundance, imagine yourself swimming in green . . . you get the picture.

The second step is to stay in an open and receiving state. Staying open is about being aware and receptive in a relaxed state. Slow and intentional breathing helps with this. Pay attention to your body, your feelings, your thoughts, and most importantly your imagination. Do you have an urge to walk into a bookstore or call a certain friend for no reason? Are you drawn to go to an event and don’t know why? It could be that your answer is just around the corner.

Meditation is wonderful for staying in an open and receiving state. Sit in silence, empty your mind, and just listen with every fiber of your being. You may experience nothing or you may get an image, a sense, or just a strong knowing of what to do next. It may not make logical sense, but it should feel good and right to you. And of course, the guidance you receive should be beneficial for you and those around you. It is important to listen with your heart and soul, not your mind, but please use your mind when deciding if you should follow through on the guidance. (You don’t want to be like Jim Carey in the movie Yes Man, where he blindly says yes to everything!)

As I mentioned earlier, working with oracle cards can also be a way to connect with your inner guidance. I prefer daily guidance cards with only positive themes that give you an uplifting message for the day. If you are interested, I made a quick video on how to use oracle cards. (FYI: one of my Chihuahua’s makes a cameo.)

Don’t forget to pay attention to your dreams. It might help to use a dream journal to record your dreams every morning.

The third and final step is to trust and let go. Be patient. If your prayers are not answered, maybe it just isn’t time yet. Trust in the perfect timing of the universe. Trust that the universe has heard your prayers and there is no sense asking over and over again.

In the meantime, take the time to enjoy how good it feels to live your life in an open and receiving state!

One of my favorite affirmations is:

I am open to receiving the magic of the universe!

Have a magical day and may you be lovingly guided towards your next step:)

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