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Preparing for the Shift - It's Easier Than You Think

If you have been connected to a spiritual community there is no doubt you have probably heard a lot of talk about the shift our planet is going through. I was inspired to write a few tips on preparing for the shift. Although I can’t prove this, as a sensitive I intuitively feel that new frequencies are coming to the earth at a rapid rate not to mention the earth changes that seem to be happening at an accelerated rate as well. Even those that do not consider themselves spiritually minded, have to admit that change is in the air! Read more

Turning Weaknesses into Strengths

We were all born with a gift, a gift so big and powerful that it was the very reason we decided to incarnate this lifetime, our destiny so to speak. The irony is that the package our gift comes in is usually quite unexpected. Our gift usually masquerades as a huge challenge in our life whether it be financial, physical, emotional, or otherwise. Read more