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The Issiah Effect

The Issiah Effect

Today I realized that a big prayer had been answered for me. You see, on a plane trip I was reading Gregg’s Braden’s book The Issiah Effect: Decoding the Lost Science of Prayer and Prophecy. In the Issiah Effect he retails the story of his journey to the Tibetan Highlands to meet with a Tibetan abbot.In this very special meeting he had the privilege of asking the abbot about the nature of prayer. He ended up asking the abbot, “What is happening with the person praying, on the inside?” The abbot, after careful consideration, said that the object of each prayer is to achieve a feeling. The abbot emphasized that feeling is actually the focus of each prayer. This had confirmed Greg Braden’s prior research that feeling is an important component of prayer.

I remember reading this on the plane and being inspired to put the Issiah Effect down. I then started to pray like I had never prayed before. I asked with such intensity and feeling that my whole being became the prayer. I was asking with the essence of who I was. There was no separation between me and my prayer. As I was asking, I felt my prayer being answered, a peaceful certainty came over me.

I hadn’t really though that about that moment for a few months until today it dawned on me that what I asked for had been granted to me. I realized that I hadn’t even noticed! I wonder how many times our prayers our answered and we don’t even notice? I decided to take the time to really thank God/Love/Universe/All That Is . . .for answering that heartfelt prayer in the airplane. Just like I prayed with feeling, I gave thanks with feeling till my whole being vibrated in gratitude. I feel truly grateful for the many blessings in my life, the many prayers being answered on a daily basis even without my awareness! What a magical universe we live in.

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